Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why is it???

Happy holidays everyone! If your anything like me I am still running around trying to get things done for Christmas. The gifts are all bought, but they need to be wrapped. I am making the mad dash to make the infamous homemade chex mix and other holiday goodies and realizing that I am missing key things here and there. Heck I had to run out for wrapping paper this morning, because I have none!!!!

Well as I look toward the new year, I keep thinking why do I keep a blog? Every now and than I think of uploading stuff, which usually comes in spurts of a month here or month there. I know that if you have any chance of being on a design team they want you to have a blog that you keep up all the time. I don't really post a lot of personal family information, because I don't have enough family to keep anyone updated on our usually boring lives. I don't like to spend even all of my free time on the computer and keeping up with all these other blogger sites just takes most of my creative free time away from me. So what is the purpse to this blog?

Well the first and foremost and wait, the ONLY reason is that I love to share my scrapbooking triumphs with whoever out there wants to take the time to see what I do. I am re-thinking though what may be the purpose of the blog and exand on it a little. I love to decorate along with scrapping, and not that I decorate all the time with new stuff, I do have some things that I do off and on thruought the year and especially now at Christmas time. While Christmas is almost upon us, I still may post some pictures of my cute little trees, that didn't cost a whole bunch of money to decorate so cute. Of course I am the bargain shopper, so maybe even to give tips on who to do things for less money and even maybe some little write ups on things that I find that seem noteworthy.

So before the end of the year is here, I am already looking ahead and making a new years resolution to upkeep and improve my blog. I am really ready for 2009 to be over with. It's been a rough year for everyone I know and I know for me and my husband, I am looking forward to a new year and a new decade! Merry Christmas and have a VERY VERY Happy New Year!