Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun with Glitter

This 2-page layout was hard to do only for the fact the pictures were SO BAD!!! We didn't take a camera to the concert because they usually tell you that you can't bring stuff like that in to the venue so we used the camera phone. We were kind of mad though when we saw so many people with camera's. The only thing about it is that it made me decide that I needed a smaller camera that I could put in my pocket or fits easily in a small purse. Anyway the layout was fun and challenging and I really spruced it up by using lost of glitter to highlight swirls and flames. The ironic thing is that papers with this much glitter can cost $2 or more in the scrap store and for about $4.99 from Joann's I have enough glitter to make numerous layouts and fun embellishments. Glitter is just fun!